Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thanks For The Comment Charles, We Will Keep Fighting. Charles Comment is Below.

I would really do something bad to someone if they hurt my dogs, My dogs are like my kids. I personally feel that its a much bigger deal to shoot someones dog then it would be to deal pot anyday. Hmmm lets see someone selling Pot, Someone shooting peoples dogs. Who would you rather have to dinner.?? Dogs are family. This isnt China. We dont treat dogs like Beef here. Are You Kidding Me. This is really upsetting to me.
Thank You for Starting A Petition. My heart really goes out to the Mayor and his wife. Thats really sad. Maybe something good can come of this horrible situation. The sad thing is this has been happening for years. Ive heard stories just like this a few times a month. It just takes it happening to someone important before any thing will be changed. We shouldnt be putting up with this in the U.S. , this is some gestapo shit.
Charles, From Columbus Ohio.

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